2nd Anniversary

September marks the two year anniversary of my dive into the world of self publishing. It’s been an interested experience making the transition from someone who writes purely for the joy of it to someone who vaguely hopes to make a few extra bucks doing what he loves. There have been some successes, there have been plenty of failures. I like to think for my purposes it’s been more of the former than the latter.

I managed to self publish 13 erotic short stories and three collections over the last two years. I’ve sold 1,737 copies of my various ebooks – a fact that still buggers my imagination. I’m showing a two year profit of just under $1,000 in “free” money. That works out to something way, way less than minimum wage if you do the calculations and consider all the time involved in writing, editing, and publishing. It’s time I’ve stolen from other less productive and less entertaining endeavors (mostly). Pulling up my sales pages on KDP or Nook Press and seeing that I’ve made another sale still gives me a rush. Maybe it always will. I hope so. Knowing that other readers are laying down their hard earned money to see what comes out of your brain is seriously addicting stuff.

That all leads me to what I see as the path ahead. In the short term, I’ve just started working on the fifth and final chapter of my current work in progress. You’ll see more of A Slut’s Perspective: Second Semester in a week or two once it’s had a chance to solidify a bit and get walked through the editorial process. Since Second Semester is the 4th book of the series, it also means that soon I’ll be compiling another collection – my version of discounting for the bulk buyers out there. Of course I have a few ideas for where I’d like to go next and what stories I’d like to tell, but most of those are still fleeting notions more than solid concepts.

While I start fleshing out those ideas, I think it’s time to take a step back and freshen up some of my older titles – a few will get new covers, a few will get a read through and republishing to make some long overdue editorial changes. At a minimum, I’d like to update every title I have for sale with the most current ebook list and links. While it’s obvious I’m not a slave to marketing, it feels like a good idea for everyone who picks up True Stories of a Middle Class Sugar Daddy to know that I have a lot more to offer than I did two years ago.


3 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary

      1. feygrrl

        Of course it does! It’s not just the sales, it’s the positive reinforcement that there are folks out there who like what you are writing. The income is just a bonus 🙂

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