Crazy Like That

I spent the weekend in full-blown editor mode. I think I’ve done a decent job of it – letting Second Semester sit quietly for a week was hard going, but definitely helped me gain a little perspective and be able to look at the draft through fresh(er) eyes. I know plenty of writers who get caught in the search for perfection, but for me, I’m happy enough to make do with getting a good product out the door and cleaning the margins as we go along.

In writing erotica, I find there’s something to be said for “going to press” in as close to the raw state as possible. I like amateur porn for much the same reason – when a good dirty scene gets scripted and over produced, it loses something of the passion that makes it fun and exciting in the first place. Although I don’t want to rush off and publish something full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, I also don’t want it to come across as too clean. That’s one of the reasons I gravitate towards amateur erotica for my own smutty reading. It feels more exciting somehow and to me that’s a fair enough trade for the occasional awkward phrase or oddly placed word.

When I hit “publish,” I always try to remember that I’m writing erotica, smut, dirty stories. They might be a touch thin on plot and character development, but they’re heavy on sex in all its flavors. If you’re reading one of my short stories and get hung up on where the commas are placed or noun-verb agreement, maybe you’re missing the point of what I’m trying to do here. Frankly, I’d rather get you off than impress you with my technical writing skills. I’m just crazy like that.


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